On a purple alligator
Saw you eating a potata
Drew it on a piece a paper
Come and see me little later
We were singing Masquenada
With your mama and your fada
What a funny little drama
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Then you’re standing by the water
With your pretty little daughter
You were drinking a tequila
Maybe waiting for your dealer
He was walking a chiwauwa
Getting later by the hour
Think I’m gonna take a shower
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Hey! What you doing to me?
People live your life how you want it to be, I said
Hey! What you doing to me
We can make our life what we want it to be

Now we know that love is life
Come with me and hold me tight
Where you lead I’ll follow too
U 4 me and me 4 U
Now we know that life is love
You’re the one I’m thinking of
Feel the air – the air is free
It’s me 4 U and U 4 me

And I’ll always be your lover
No there’ll never be another
But you’re working undercover
With your sista and your brudda
Just another Margarita
I can drink it by the litre
But your kiss is always sweeter
Yeah, yeah, yeah!