My Louisiana Home

Thirty days of rainfall
That don’t seem so painful
Gazing at my boots when I’m alone
Cos soon I’m in my Chevy
Before the sun sets on the levee
That’s why I call Louisiana home

Lying in my hotel room
Listening to some Cajun tune
I’m crying to my folks there on the phone
Get me on that jumbo
Fix me a sea of Gumbo
That’s why I call Louisiana home

Catch the 16:30 fast to Evangeline
I can’t wait to see you again
If I thought that I was bound for New Orleans
Well I just might outrun the train
Yeah, yeah

The world’s a big old kitchen
Still I get to itchin
Wherever these here southern feet may roam
I can’t get no higher
Than walking around the bayou
That’s why I call Louisiana home

Take me home

My Louisiana, my Louisiana, my Louisiana home (repeat)