The Last Hurrah ft Denham Jones

A canyon stands between us, you and me
As deep and wide as our love used to be
Little stones have turned to mountains
Both my hands have lost their grip
And two sailors risk a drowning as they leave the sinking ship

I watch the changing colours in the sky
And know this sunny day will soon be night
Can I stand to pull the curtain?
Shall I reach to draw the blind?
This time there’s no escaping, no mistaking all the signs

Games that we play no more
Words that we say no more
Is there still something for my heart to do?
Too cool to care we are
Like dust in the air we are
Is this the last hurrah for me and for you?

I count the passing strangers on the road
But where they may be heading I don’t know
We could dance around in circles
Like the moon up in the sky
But I’d stop the world from turning if your lips could tell me why