Call Me A Fool

We’re an odd looking pair I confess
I’m a real snappy dresser – you’re a mess
No letter or call, you might disappear for a while

On your face there’s a permanent scowl
And your temper is often quite foul
But I’m easy going and most times I’m wearing a smile

Well I know you’ll never be good for me
Still I pray one day you’ll chop wood for me

Call me a fool – if fools live their life loving you
Call me a fool – if fools spend their days feeling blue
Don’t make like a stranger
Can’t you see what a spin I’m in
Angels stay away from danger
But fools they rush in again and again
So call me a fool – there’s many like me to be found
Walking the streets with their feet off the ground
I’m head over heels, whoops a daisy!
Without you I’d go crazy
Once a fool….always a fool


Well it’s true you don’t have the looks for me
I know you’ll never write hooks for me