King of the World

Girl you should see my face every time they call me to the phone
All my friends say – I’m just a hopeless case
But you give me more hope than anyone I know
Back in the day I was chasing dollar signs
Lost my way almost made me lose my mind
But that’s all over now and I’ve done my time
And it’s time to take me home

You know I don’t need no diamonds and pearls
You make me feel like I’m king of the world
Yes I was down, down without you girl
But now I’ve been crowned the king of the world
You know that you’re the key, my dream of freedom
The light inside my room
Silver and gold?
I don’t want for nothing but you

Something about this place – hours change to days and fade into years
I count the moments – not many left to waste
I think of you and time just disappears
And I’m on the edge of reason it’s killing me
Unlock the door to your love and set me free
I’ll be twice the man that you thought I’d be
When they let me out of here


King, king, king, king of the world etc