The Loved One ft. Daniel Chettoe

Though nothing stays the same
You are and will remain the loved one
Softer than the sea
Sweeter as the years go by
Close when there are clouds around me
Knowing the right words to say
You fold me in your arms
And take my breath away

Not so long ago
My heart it came to know the loved one
I hear you in the wind
I see you in the summer sky
Even when the dark surrounds me
You can ease my troubled mind
And just three simple words will set my spirit free
To me the loved one you will always be

But who can say where love will live today?
It’s just a dream – a mystery
And come the rain
Reach out and you will find
A power so divine, a love so tender

Some things never change
Forever you’ll remain the loved one
I know that you’ll be there
With sunlight shining in your smile
I’d send to you a thousand roses
But flowers fade as time goes by
I give you all my love
Cos that’s what life is for
You’ll be the loved one forever more
The loved one, the loved one
The loved one forever more