We wrote this song for our very special friend and former band member who was taken from this world far too soon. Graham, we miss you x

What you see if you ever look down
From your cloud to the streets of this town?
Nothing changes much here on the ground
Without you

There’s the park and the kids from the block
Our first school and the wedding dress shop
Maybe time like the traffic has stopped
Without you

Don’t get me wrong
I want you right here where you belong
Cos it’s been too long
You’re looking down from a better place

But if you see me daydreaming
Believe I dream of you
And if you see me daydreaming
You know I dream of you, yes I do
Time is a thief not a healer
A low down, no good stealer
So if you see me daydreaming
Preoccupied, all misty-eyed
You know that I’ll be dreaming of you

So you’ll see that the place looks the same
All the girls they remember your name
They say life isn’t much of a game
Without you

So let’s keep it real
I find it hard not to show what I feel
These cuts need to heal
Still you’ve found yourself a better place


Look down, you will see me daydreaming
Look down, you will see me daydreaming