I’m a chameleon – see me change!

The ways of love are strange and beautiful
So many colours there to keep me alive
I need them all – that’s indisputable
Just one emotion
I could never survive
Look now I’m turning red
Coz of all those things you said
Like a motion picture running round in my head

I’m an itty bitty lizard walking on the sand
I got two feet, I got two hands
I’m not a woman, I’m not a man
I’m an itty bitty lizard walking on the sand
I’m a chameleon, I’m a chameleon
See me change!

And all this crazy shit is down to you
I feel the rhythm from my head to my toe
I’m green, I’m yellow then the deepest blue
So if you’re ready lets get on with the show
And everytime we meet
Gotta feel your body heat
Then you kiss me and the transformation’s complete


So let this game begin
Together we’re the sweetest thing
Feel you moving closer now I’m shedding my skin