In a bar with a friend there’s a tear in his eye
How could anybody hurt such a sweet looking guy
So I say mister pick yourself off the ground
You just haven’t found your Lisa

Broken hearts they can mend in the fullness of time
And your life it will change just like Lisa changed mine
So think of tomorrow though tonight you feel down
You just haven’t found your Lisa

Well Lisa came my way about a year ago
She walked into my world from where I’ll never know
You think you won’t find love again
That isn’t so
You just haven’t found your Lisa

Then through the happy crowd I saw that girl appear
I stood and kissed her gently, said I’ll get us all a beer
The bar was crammed with people
It was hard for me to see
And when I got back to our table
There was no-one there but me

Well my girl went away just a few days ago
Walked out of my world to where I’ll never know
Searched the streets and the cities – no sight and no sound
I just haven’t found my Lisa
I still haven’t found my Lisa

Winner of the UK SONGWRITING CONTEST 2018 (Love Songs)

Peter plays Lisa